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New book: LEGO-Eisenbahnwelt (Titelseite)

In autumn, my second book entitled LEGO®-Eisenbahnwelt: Die 80er Jahre: Modelle – Landschaften – Sets (LEGO® Train World: The 80s: Models – Landscapes – Sets) will be published by dpunkt.verlag.

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Harbour scene

12 Volt MOC: River Port

My entry for Brick Train Awards 2022 in the "Best Group or Individual Display" category.

An inland river port with container and bulkload cranes, a chemical plant and old and new buildings in the classic style of the "Grey Era". The small locomotives are driven by mini motors and a Bluetooth hub from The stationary decoupling unit and the mini turntable are powered by old 12 Volt Technic motors which are hidden underneath the platform.

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Vollert Robot DER 100 „Leonhard Weiss“

Vollert Robot DER 100 „Leonhard Weiss“

As part of the OcTRAINber 2021 "Critters" competition, I have created a remote-controlled LEGO model of the Vollert Robot DER 100 "Leonhard Weiss" robot locomotive.

A free building instruction is available.

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Roundhouse full view

12 Volt Roundhouse „Bamberg“

12 Volt Roundhouse „Bamberg“ with remote controlled turntable

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Mallet Steam Engine

12 Volt trains MOCs

The Grey Era celebrates its 40th birthday in 2020! Congratulations to what is probably the coolest LEGO rail system ever.

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VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE) as LEGO MOC

VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

The famous diesel multiple unit VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE) as LEGO train MOC.

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THE LEGO® TRAINS BOOK … international variants

THE LEGO® TRAINS BOOK … international variants

Based on the English version futher translations showed up on various markets, e.g. Spain, Italy and (upcomming) Russia. Also, a Chinese version is available as direct translation from the German original version.

  1. The LEGO Trains Book English version by No Starch Press
  2. LEGO Trenes Spanish version published by Oberon
  3. Treni LEGO Italian version published by Edizioni LSWR
  4. Chinese version published by Post & Telecom Press
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My book: LEGO® Eisenbahn – Konzepte und Techniken für realistische Modelle

LEGO® Eisenbahn – Konzepte und Techniken für realistische Modelle

… is the name of my first LEGO hobby related book.

The title means "LEGO® trains – concepts and techniques for realistic models".

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BR 10 steam engine in the version of 2016

BR 10 steam engine

New version of my favorite BR 10 steam engine. The building instruction is available as PDF-download.

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Building instruction for my BR 80 steam engine

BR 80 steam engine

Now available: Building instruction and part list for my BR 80 steam engine as PDF-download.

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Deutsche Bahn's Regional Express [more]

Deutsche Bahn's Regional Express

A Siemens Vectron electric locomotive and three Bombardier doubledeck coaches make my model of Deutsche Bahn's Regional Express.

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ICE 3 [more]


LEGO model of highspeed passenger train ICE 3 "Stuttgart" (BR 403).

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InterCityNight [more]

ICN – InterCityNight

A electric locomotive (BR 101) and some Talgo waggons make the InterCityNight. Unfortunatelly the real train is not in service any more.

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Riviera Express [more]

Riviera Express

A classic steam engine (BR 10) and five waggons make the Riviera Express.

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Desert-Express [more]

Desert Express

… Namibia's unique railway experience!

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US Freight Train [more]

US Freight Train

A Big Boy with 4 PowerFunctions motors and ten freight cars make a typical US-style freight train.

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Big Boy [more]

Big Boy

A Big Boy as eyecatching but stand-alone model.

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Swiss Crocodile [more]

Be 6/8 Swiss Crocodile

The famous iron crocodile from Switzerland (Be 6/8) with PowerFunction drive.

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BR 23 [more]

BR 23

Steam engine (BR 23) with XL drivers from BigBenBricks and PowerFunction drive and electric lighting.

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BR 80 with freight cars [more]

BR 80 with freight cars

Small switch-yard steamer (BR 80) with PowerFunction drive and electric lighting and some with freight cars.

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Stuttgart's Tram [more]

Stuttgart's Tram

Old fashioned Stuttgart's Tram as it was operating als "Linie 15".

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Railcrane [more]

Gottwald Railcrane

Railcrane with pneumatics and electric winch (9V micromotor). This is my first "MOC" which was built as an "AFOL".

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Different train wheels [more]

Train Wheels

Which train wheels could I use if I want to build a steam engine?

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Different Train Systems [more]

LEGO Train Systems

Which track and drive systems for LEGO trains were and are still available?

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Long Curves [more]

Long Curves

Long and smooth Curves – large train track radius built with LEGO train track.

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Building instructions and part lists

There are no building instructions und part lists available for the models shown on this web site. There are no engineering drawings available. To build the LEGO models only photographs from the real prototypes were used. All models are unique and not for sale.

Why doesn't building instructions exist?