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Loading the inland vessel

12 Volt MOC: River Port

My entry for Brick Train Awards 2022 in the "Best Group or Individual Display" category.

An inland river port with container and bulkload cranes, a chemical plant and old and new buildings in the classic style of the "Grey Era". The small locomotives are driven by mini motors and a Bluetooth hub from circuitcubes.com. The stationary decoupling unit and the mini turntable are powered by old 12 Volt Technic motors which are hidden underneath the platform.

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ICE 3 | more


LEGO model of highspeed passenger train ICE 3 "Stuttgart" (BR 403).

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Railcrane | more


Railcrane with pneumatics and electric winch (9V micromotor). This is my first "MOC" which was built as an "AFOL".

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