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Third Party Supplier

Track and switches by third party suppliers … a – probably incomplete – overview

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Fx Track R72 and classic LEGO track segment

Fx Track

Michael Gale (Fx Brick) offers Fx Track track segments and switches for the 9 V system.

The track segments are manufactured using the ABS injection molding process, and the metal surface is applied using a complex process. The Fx Track products are virtually no different from LEGO track segments.

  1. Go to shop.fxbricks.com
  2. In Germany and Europe you can buy Fx Track at JB Spielwaren
  3. Guest article: Fx Bricks switches
  4. R72 curves in my review video „Fx Track … LEGO 9 V train compatible track system by Fx Bricks“
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BrickTracks R120 track segments


BrickTracks offers switches and track segments in different radii.

The switches and track segments are molded ABS and have the same high quality then original LEGO track segments.

  1. Go to www.bricktracks.com
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TrixBrix R104 switch


TrixBrix offers a wide palette of track segments, single rails and switches in various geometries.

The products by TrixBrix are mostly 3D-printed, some are molded ABS.

  1. Go to www.trixbrix.eu
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4DBrix double crossover


4DBrix offers a wide palette of track segments, switches and crossovers and controls for trains and monorail.

The products by 4DBrix are 3D-printed elements.

  1. Go to www.4dbrix.com