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Material Procurement

Seaching and finding Bricks

The internet offers some great ressources to search and find LEGO bricks and sets:

Buying Bricks

Often I am asked how I recieve my building material?

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Finally a bricklink order arrived, let's keep on building …

Here I list some shopping hints to buy LEGO bricks:

  • Toy-Shops and superstores – keep an eye open for bargains and sales at local toy stores, as well as at big chain stores, like Toys R Us.
  • LEGO sets and some parts are available in online LEGO store. Some sets are only available through this resource and brand stores: shop.lego.com
  • Always thousands of LEGO-related auctions at www.ebay.com/LEGO
  • Bricklink, a premium venue for individuals and businesses from all around the world to buy and sell new, used and vintage LEGO through fixed price and auction services. Sets, as well as individual elements, can be purchased through this site: www.bricklink.com
  • LEGOLAND parks - in Carlsbad (CA), Günzburg (Germany), Windsor (UK) or Billund (DK) – Single parts are sold by weight (Pick-a-Brick = PaB). The Pick-a-Brick varies from store-to-store, travelling a long distance is not always worth it – check out www.bricklink.com for tips from locals who may have knowledge of what is available.
  • LEGO Brand Stores in various cities in the United States, Canada, United Kindom, Denmark and Germany – they offer the recent LEGO products and Pick-a-Brick.
    Addresses of LEGO brand stores can be found online at http://stores.lego.com/. Checkout http://www.brickbuildr.com/view/pab/ to see what is available at Pick-a-Brick in your favorite store.
  • LUGBULK bulk orders for members of a LEGO User Group.
  • At LEGO shows and events many people trade LEGO sets and elements.
  • Check flea markets for LEGO …

… and you must have a lot of patience while collecting LEGO elements. Sometimes it can take a while to find what you need, in the quantities that you need it!

I do NOT sell LEGO

I personally do NOT sell any LEGO, neither building material nor models I have created.