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FAQ – Questions and Answers

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Buying Bricks [more]

Buying Bricks

Where to find and buy the sought-after building materials?

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Building instructions for the green Water Cannon Truck [more]

Building instructions and part lists

There are no building instructions und part lists available for the models shown on this web site. There are no engineering drawings available. To build the LEGO models only photographs from the real prototypes were used. All models are unique and not for sale.

  1. Why doesn't building instructions exist?
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Different train wheels [more]

Train Wheels

Which train wheels could I use if I want to build a steam engine?

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Different Train Systems [more]

LEGO Train Systems

Which track and drive systems for LEGO trains were and are still available?

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PowerFunctions components [more]


PowerFunctions – universal power for all kind of models!

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LEGO as hobby [more]

LEGO as hobby

LEGO – not an everyday hobby!

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LEGO related books [more]


(My) LEGO related books.

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