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A look over the edge – Fun Whole Wood Cabin

The Chinese company Fun Whole provided me the set Wood Cabin (FH-9001) for review free of charge. Normally, the set costs about $99 or €115 and can be purchased via the manufacturer's website or Amazon.

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Wood Cabin with LED lighting

Until now I didn't know the company Fun Whole. They mainly offer LED lights for retrofitting. With the Wood Cabin, they are breaking new ground and launching a set with integrated LED lighting. This means that the LED lighting is installed directly during construction and does not have to be retrofitted.

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connecting elements at the dormers

To ensure that the modular building can still be taken apart easily, special connecting elements are used at the boundary to the upper floor and for the dormers so that the electricity can be transmitted but you can still separate the segments without having to disconnect a cable. Unfortunately, this connection is very shaky and it is not so easy to make a permanent contact. You also have to pay attention to the polarity, otherwise nothing lights up. This is not clear from the assembly instructions, only another review video from Steinküste helped me out here. You can also see a tiny plus and a minus sign on the connecting elements.

The bricks probably come from the Chinese manufacturer GoBricks and hold very well and are well made. I did not notice any scratches or dull surfaces on the tiles, which are often criticised. The surface of the tile is not high-gloss, but still acceptable. Especially for a roof of a hut in the forest.

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Inside the hut

The cabin itself is very detailed, a green front garden outside, some supplies in the basement and lots of detail inside. The LED in the fireplace conveys cosiness, the other LEDs are rather too bright and glaring. A dimmer would be good here or the possibility to switch the different lights separately.

Due to its fragile electronics, the set is more of a model for display and less of a play model, but here Fun Whole certainly also deliberately addresses the "big" children among us.

My ratings

My pros:

  • (+) Kit with integrated LED lighting, so no need to install the lighting afterwards.
  • (+) Part-colour combinations that LEGO fans have never seen before.
  • (+) The stickers make a high-quality impression (but I didn't use them).
  • (+) The bricks have a good, solid clamping force.

My cons:

  • (–) The base plate is not flat and slightly warped.
  • (–) Dark colours are hardly distinguishable from each other in the building instructions, especially when building the roof.
  • (–) The polarity of the connecting plates for the electronics must be correct so that the light shines. This is not clear from the building instructions.
  • (–) The connection of the electronics is not very stable and it needs a lot of tact until all contacts conduct current and the lights light up.
  • (–) The roof has a clear gap at the front through which light shines out.
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Hard to see: different dark colous in the building instructions
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The base plate is not flat and slightly warped